Pictures of me…just me.

Hey friends.

A few days ago my wonderful older sister Hailee and I had yet another amazing photo shoot. Here are a few of the pics she took.






Sorry for my lack of DIY and my soon-to-come thrifting guidelines. I’ve been recently working on editing my site and trying to figure out how to add music.

Who’s excited about the hunger games?

I am semiexcited…if that is even a word. I don’t wanna see the movie until I have read the book- I’ve only gottoen a few pages in the book but so far it’s been pretty good. I think I’m just going to wait until it comes out on DVD to see it so i can watch it on my lovely XBox. So far I’m on my second week of spring break. (If i forgot to mention…I’m homeschooled.) I’m pretty ahead for my grade so I got a fairly long break which I spent:

  • Writing Letters
  • Reading Audrey Couloumbis books
  • Building a garden plot in my backyard
  • Surveying bird nests around my neighborhood.


  • Making collages in Polyvore.com 
  • Spring cleaning!

Yes, so my spring break has been very sucessful so far. I didn’t sucside in falling in love though…

So I’ll have a conversation with you later!



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