It’s my party and I’ll plan it if I want to.

Hey, My birthday is at the end of the month. April 30th 2012 this chica will be 13. And thanks to my handy dandy mother I’ll be having my first birthday party since I was one. PLUS my mother decided I need to ‘learn how to socialize with boys’………..yep.

So I’m having a bonfire with about thirteen of my bffs. It’s going to be kinda vintagy….I’m hoping we can have s’mores and watch a movie on a projector screen and all that junk. I want it to be really cute but super relaxed at the same time…I personally hate birthday party schedules.

This is the cake I must have.

Ruffle Tower Cake

Or I will die.

I’m sure you would die too if you didn’t have the birthday cake you wanted.

This is the party I am considering coping. Only because I love it so much. So vintage.


I already made sure my best friend would be taking every single photograph with her big professional camera. She must do it or she will not find in invitation on her doorstep…

Since I will be turning thirteen I am inviting only twelve people. I do enjoy being the center of attention.

thirteen Pink 13th Birthday Invitations

I know these invitations are really average, but I like how straight to the point they are…except my name isn’t Cheryl Griffith.

Any body got party game ideas???


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