Why I Hate Monday.

Hello again. Still thirteen and still hate boys. How about you? I attended a wedding Saturday. It was gorgeous. Everything about it was so magical. Since I had known both the bride and the groom was quite amazing to see how they had grown. I want to get married…one day prince charming will come. But as my best friend Tiffany says
“I don’t need prince charming, I just need a man.”

Is that not so true though? I mean really think about it, I just need a man who tells me how it is, makes me laugh, cares for me, and loves Jesus. Besides that I think I’ll be just fine. But since I am only thirteen…who gives a brown crayola?
I went to the library today, got a few books for my lil sissy. I don’t really get that many books from the library now that I can just get them from the e-reader store.

Today’s outfit is:
Light denim American flag vest [ROUTE 66] (diy/thrift)
“Vonage D’Amour” beach sleeveless tee [Forever 21] (Christmas present from Tiff)
Red print maxi dress, worn as skirt [Dereck Heart] (Plato’s Closet/hmd)
Gray Hightops [Converse] (hmd of cousin)

Today’s outfit is an estimated $4.00 total.
This is how I save money, this is how Thou Shalt Thrift.

April Marie.


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