Graduation Station.

Hello thrifters, refusers to be thrifters, shopaholics, straight up hipsters, wanna be hipsters, people with glasses, boys, girls, gals, guys, males, females, men, women, dogs, cats, cats in clothes, goldfish, termites, dolphins and elephants,

How are you today?
My day has been hot. And I’m not just loosely referring to a high school baseball team.
Yesterday my sisters boyfriend will graduate from high school. Did I mention it is also his nineteenth birthday yesterday. Best birthday…ever.
There were plenty of girls in bodycon dresses two sizes too small, really high heels, blonde extensions, orange “tans”, and preppiness…plenty of preppiness. Welcome to the south, and please- enjoy your stay.

I have already promised myself that one day I will leave the south uneager to return. That’s just the way my life works.
Had a life saving conversation with my best friend Tiffany today. We decided on my funeral arrangements as I choked on a strawberry fruit yummy.
So as of right now I am grounded from the social network. Which I happen to not mind, because half the people I am friends with like to post about their super preppy day at school and how they wish “he” would text them.

You wear Sperry’s?
You must have the most extravagant boating trips.


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