12 Angry Men and a half

A few years ago my family and I watched 12 Angry Men this really amazing (old) movie that came out in 1957 about this Puerto Rican boy who is accused of stabbing his own father…to death. So there are twelve jury members, all men, who have to decide on rather he is guilty or innocent. I loved it. The suspense through the entire movie will have you hooked.

So this one man, Juror number 8, played by Henry Fonda votes ‘not guilty’…the eleven other jurors vote guilty. They all have to agree on a verdict so… Juror number 8 has to convenes all the other jury members that he is not guilty using evidence and a tad of common sense…kinda like Shawn. 🙂

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I don’t wanna give you too much info (to ruin the surprise), but it will make you think about how you see things in the world.

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So guilty or non guilty?


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