Team Phillip Phillips?

As much as I love Mumford and Sons; Phillip Phillips should not have won American Idol last night. I am not saying that I don’t think that Phillip Phillips is bad, they are both good at what they do. Jessica is just on a whole other level. Am I the only person on earth that heard Jessica knock the wind out of the audience as she sang with Jennipher Holiday? I’m assuming I’m also the only one last saw the raw emotion that she handed out. I told myself that year was my last year of Idol due to boy cott. But as you see…that didn’t really work out. I swear- this was my last year of Idol. P.S. My prayers got out to Fantasia…Oh dear me.

Let’s not forget Ace Young And Diana DeGarmo, so presh!

In other news I had my last art class of the year. Cookies, biscuits, and ice cream bars…yum. I tie died a shirt for my baby sis, it came out great. Her 5th birthday is Sunday… my baby is growing up! Hopefully her brattiness will leave with four years old but…you never know with this baby.

This summer is going to suck. I got grounded from FREE summer camp, I can’t help with VBS and I am bound to a life of no sleep overs. Help. But I am helping with an art class! The kids are making “dolls” aka Primitive Art Folk Figures. I am so excited, you know how much I love clothes. But that’s not until July so I have all of June to suck at life.

I get yelled at for speaking out.
I get yelled at for being to silent.
When I sleep I am being lazy.
When I am social I am being stuck up.
When I haven’t talked to a friend in a while we’ve had a fight.
When I am creative I am wasting time.
And when I am happy I am gloating…


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