The reason for boys.

Boys. Boys are something that I wonder about constantly. Not in their appearance but why God created boys. It’s just so weird. Boys are just so weird. Just today I realized that boys are stupid- not because of something one of them has said to me…they are just dumb. But girls are too…I guess.

Little Manhattan

Um…I look like this everyday.

I constantly find myself sitting and wondering why boys are created.

  • For heart ache?
  • For annoyance?
  • For punishment?
  • Or just for fun?

Now I think we all known we need a man and a woman to create a child but why can’t men just fall out of the sky every time it rains (which would be heaven.) Why can’t males just come out of the womb men? Although that would be quiet interesting the entire male species is kinda trams.

Here’s how it goes.

  • Females want you to think that they are so hard-to-get, complicated and more important.
  • Males want you to think they are not complicated, down-to-earth and alphas.

So the only thing in common is that they are both not who they ‘state’ they are and that they both think they are super superior.

Being in middle school I see the ups-and-downs of emotionally unstable going through puberty kinds of people. It’s hard, darling. Dealing with so-called drama isn’t that fun.

I constantly cry for no reason. I remember once when I was about nine I sat outside my house next to the trash can…crying. And I honestly remember being confused about why I was crying.

As Tiffany says:

“You don’t have enough drama in your life…so you stalk people.”

Is that not so true? I think some of it has to do with being homeschooled. But it’s always that person who says they don’t want any drama who creates all the drama…all the time.

No one ever really gets in my face and I don’t believe that has anything to do with the fact that I can be plain rude if I feel like doing so.

So to sum up all I said:

“Go and become a nun. Atleast you now you would be committing a sin if you were being ‘with’ a man while being a nun.”


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