Jubilee, Oh Jubilee.

When I think of the word ‘Jubilee’ I think of this song I recall singing at four years old back at a baptist church in Portland, Oregon:

Jubilee, Oh Jubilee
Hallelujah, we’ve been set free
Jubilee, Oh Jubilee
Sing your song of liberty

Everything that’s been taken away from the Chosen of the King
In this time of celebration, you can reclaim everything
This is your season, this is your day, don’t let this moment pass away
Make your choice, choose to rejoice, let the celebration start today

This the year of Jubilee He will set the captive free
Take back from the enemy, and will restore
All the years and all the freedom, this is restoration season
Celebrate you have a reason to rejoice

Celebrate your freedom, celebrate your joy
Lift up your hands, lift up your voice
Dance in the spirit, shout to the Lord
We are His people, we’ve been restored

It’s party time

Waaa, Hallelujah, oh’.
Glory, Hallelujah, oh’.

But it’s this kind of Jubilee.While we are on the topic can we also not fail to mention that Prince Harry has got ‘it’ going on? Um- Hot Prince Of England Alert! I’m always keeping my options open…

And David Beckham? Shut yo mouth.


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