You wanna know what I hate more than going to Mcdonald’s and getting an messed up ice cream cone? Hollister. I hate it. I own two Hollister things in my closet. 1). A birthday gift dress 2). A Hoodie that was given to me from my neighbor.

I hate preppy people. I hate mainstream. I hate the way people go around the world and think you are inferior to them because you don’t prance around and Sperry’s.

What has the world come to? The way people will treat you if you aren’t a “Brand Digger” is horrid. There is no sense in faking it anyway- they always know.

I most of all hate living is the south. The stereotypes are true. These southern bells are demons. Yeah- I said it. You think it’s easy being the odd girl? Well it’s not. I am leaving this state when I graduate high school if it means being away from my family.

  • The south is full of stupid guys who will lie to your face.
  • Girls who talk behind your back.
  • Teens that look at you with pity

Don’t you dare pity me. I’m working my butt of at thirteen years old to get all my junk together so I can earn a scholarship to Royal Academy of Fine Arts. So Daddy isn’t paying for my new hybrid either. I am independent. I will work up to the top so that my children will never have to feel the way I am feeling right now. I will marry a rich man (heck yeah!) but I won’t be able to say that I am rich because of him. It will be because I work hard.

So listen up.

Don’t you ever think for a minute that I will let my pride invest in my ‘feelings’. I will win. I will do what I came here to do- and I will do it better.


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