Peplum Spaceships

Peplum Spaceships
The A-Z Quiz.

A-re you single? Never gonna be not.
B-uy your own clothes? Yes, and I sew alot of them, let’s not forget thrifting!
C-an you lick your elbow?…No.
D-escribe the perfect guy/girl : Someone who understands that I’m not perfect- but loves me anyway.
E-ver puked after a rollercoaster? I’ve only been on a kiddie rollercoaster…no.
F-riends with benefits are OK, right? If the benefits are mutual…
G-ood looks are the most important thing? No.
H-ave you said “I love you” and meant it? Always.
I-s Facebook your life line? No- I’m currently grounded from it and I’m still alive.
J-ealousy can be described as? Haters gonna Hate, Potatoes gonna Potate. Fighters are gonna fight. Benches are gonna bench.
K-iss and tell? Naw. Only been kissed once…by a third grader…when I was in sixth grade.
L-ife isn’t worth living it : It is. What to die for is what you can’t live for.
M-oments you share with whom are unforgettable? Tiffany, Addison, Hailee, and Kevi.
N-ever : Been knocked up.
O-ver your latest ex (crush)? No. Never.
P-erson who makes you laugh the hardest? Kevi (My little sissy)
( Q, R and S-based quiz seems to be missing )
T-he first friend you ever had was? Camyrn.
U-nder what circumstances would you cheat on your (imaginary) partner? I was PREGNANT 😀
V-ery awkward situations make you? Say things I don’t mean.
W-hat does your ideal dinner consists of? Spending time with the fam. Oh…food too 😉
X–boy/girlfriends are good for? Using.
Y-our best advice on life is : You die to yourself everyday for who you are.
Z-ebra print? I’m lovin’ it.


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