Pretty Ugly: Preview.


This is an excerpt from my original blog series Ugly Pretty.  I will hoepfully be updating with a chapter a week. It’s just about high school.

“Woody- Remember last night at our sleepover how I told you Kyle Taylor was a total douche?” Channing asked, flipping her bleach blonde hair over her shoulder.

“Yeah?” Woody asked not looking up from her laptop.

“He’s rightthere.” Channing pointed.

Woody looked up and gasped. Kyle was gorgeous. Channing described him as some low-life jerk. Blonde hair, brown eyes, tall and tan. He stood in the doorway with his hands shoved in his pockets.

“He’s going to be in our homeroom?” Woody asked.

“Yeah- brace yourself.”

“Hey…Channing?” Kyle asked, walking right over to Channing who sat atop her desk.

“Well if it isn’t surfer boy Kyle Taylor?” Channing replied sternly, staring up into his honestly dreamy eyes.

“You must be sitemodel, Channing Dixon.” Kyle said sarcastically.

“Go away, Kyle. You are so last year. Everyone already knows you are only going to this school because you got ‘injured’ surfing in California so you had to move here to live with your mom, suck it up.”

Kyle took the open seat right behind Woody, who nearly went red with embarrassment.

“He is so idiotic.” Channing said to Woody- just loud enough for Kyle to hear.

“You’re such a bi-” Kyle began but was drowned out by the school bell.


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