Bell Buckle RC Moon Pie Festival.

There happens to be one good thing about the south.  Moon Pie and RC Festival…Oh dear God- it is amazing. RC Cola is the best- better than Dr. Pepper too. There were booths, fried everything and tons and tons of Moon Pies. I was told that construction workers in the 1950’s  would go to down town Bell Buckle on there breaks and get a  RC Cola and what would go better with it then a  Moonpie? And that’s just how it went- No questions asked.

I only had one  Moonpie… A few years ago they were free at the festival… they aren’t now. All I can say is that:

  • It was hawt.
  • There were Moonpies.
  • There was ice Cold RC Cola.
  • And there was Moonpie ala mode.

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