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Blue Shorts Tutorial

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It’s a little jumbled up- sorry. The mirror was fifthly…

The pattern I used was for pajama pants. I folded over the crotch (or whatever you call it), pajama pants are so baggy and I didn’t want the shorts to be baggy!  They took me about two hours on Sunday while watching Prada To Nada with the siblings to make. I know just about everyone else can make them faster than I did.

While at the Moon Pie Festival Saturday I got this blue fabric for $1.50. Only because it had about a yard cut out of it :/ but I loved it so much anyway. It’s about two or three yards?

I used McCall’s M6227 Pattern.

You’ll need:

1-2 yards of fabric

3/4′ elastic, one yard should do.

Large Saftey Pins

Your sewing box (Scissors, seam ripper, pins, pen or chalk pencil, etc.)

  1.  With the right sides to each other, pin one front piece and one back piece together at inseam and stitch at 1/4″- then repeat for the other front and back piece.
  2. Open the two sewn-together pieces and with the wrong sides together pin together along inside curved edge and sew 1/4″.
  3. Fold so the right sides are together and sew 3/8″.
  4. Open the shorts so the wrong sides are on the inside. Now they are starting to take shape.
  5. Turn the shorts inside out, let’s hem- the legs. Fold over the edge of the left leg 1/2″ and pin it. Then fold the same leg over 1/2″ more. Sew at 1/8″  with your needle on the left.
  6. Repeat for the right leg.
  7. For the waist fold it over 1″ then another 1″. To allow the waistband to be put in the…waist- you’re going to need to sew at 1/8″ and sew all around but 3″ short.
  8. Take the elastic out and wrap it around your waist- if the shorts are for you. Add an extra two inches to that measurement and cut the elastic.
  9. Now, with a safety pin attached to the end of the elastic, insert it in the opening you left earlier. Pull the elastic through until it comes out the other side. Don’t let the other end of the elastic slip into the casing, make sure it still hangs out some.
  10. Take the elastic and sew the ends together and put it back into the casting.
  11. Sew the casting closed at 1/8″.
  12. Snip snip any loose threads.

Ta Da! You’re all done. Wow- you are some amazing seamtress.


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