Hello everyone.

It’s been awhile since I’ve just sat down and typed out how I feel. I leave for camp Monday! So Don’t expect a whole lot of posting this week. I have a crush- but who cares. Middle school crushes mean absolutely nothing in the long run. But since we are on the subject- what is my obsession with guys that have pink hair? Okay, I have only liked one guy that had pink hair…but still. Gosh, I need to stop.

Justin Bieber’s new cd is oddly uh-mazing! Like no lie.   I like All Around The World and Right Here, which features my one and only Drake. It’s weird that it works so well. Well done, Justin. You didn’t blow it.

I am not really kind right now. Gonna be straight up gospel zegga honest. I have found myself going off at people more often. Being teen sucks…big time.

I do plan on finding a summer love  crush. Even though summer is half way over. I just wanna crush on somebody! It’s what I do best.


Dear ____

This week I would adore to get to know you so much better.

.April Marie


Right here over there.


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