I had a great time a camp, no- stunning. It was a great time to just step back and realize just how beautiful he is. No for real- It was so deep. Let’s not forget that legendary camp food it was so disgusting delicious! I had raw sausage patty. I got super dark- darker than a hebrew slave.

“You wanna touch my turtle- don’t you?”

Where is the black little girl?


“Get it, short stack!”

You best believe I was angry.

Yeah- I slapped it. I slapped itrealgood.

We all got to go tour University Of Tennessee. Leave it to me to ask about Fashion Design and marketing degrees. It was alot of fun. We went club level (those elevators don’t play.) Kyle and I had a blast. Those late nights- all night parties couldn’t beat much. I’m not gonna lie- there are quite a few a wanted to kill after this but…still love em’! I must say- after being told a guy would never like me, having several girls  I had never met tell me I had a big nose, and nearly flashing everyone as I wear a dress…it was all good.

There was ‘boy’ drama. Let me tell you, honey boo buns. I found myself sitting alone at a table and crying. So…that wasn’t fun. But the rest was a blast. There were tons of inside jokes that had us about to pee on ourselves at any point. And I so am ready for next year.

.April Marie (aka Kyle’s boo thang 4 life!)


“Bro- Strip.”


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