Beauty And The Beat


Tell me I’m your National Anthem
Ooh, yeah, baby, bow down
Making me so wow, wow
Tell me I’m your National Anthem
Sugar, sugar, how now
Take your body down town
Red, white, blue’s in the sky
Summer’s in the air and
Baby, heaven’s in your eyes
I’m your National Anthem

Decided to throw a little Lana Del Rey up in the mix, National Anthem since the Fourth Of July is tomorrow. Speaking of July- I’m having a party for the 2012 Olympics. I’m not quite sure how I’m going to do everything but I am so excited!

I’m having this party for 3 1/2 reasons:

  • I want to invite my crush
  • Imma be an eighth grader this year! (not a good reason)
  • I love throwing parties
  • [Half reason] I want to wear a cute outfit and everyone see it!

It’s not going to be super themed either. We might just watch a movie, dance some Just Dance, and play spin the bottle eat some food.

I’m still caught up on that guy. I honestly don’t know why. Everytime I try not to think about him, I find myself daydreaing about our life together that I never want to have. Can someone please bring me some Ben And Jerry’s Ice Cream to “cope” with my sadness. My stupid middle school life is so pathetic. I’m complaining and I don’t even go to “real” school.

So yeah.

What I’m listening to right now: Beauty And The Beat by Justin Bieber And Nicki Minaj

Who I hate: Jake

Who I love: Tyler

.April Marie


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