Fourth of July or bust, Baby!

This is the day that most people fire up the grill and get ready to spend some awesome time with the fam. But I- being at ends with my siblings, rather spend it all alone knowing that I care rather harmlessly about my own radical self. I might just grab a hotdog out a the fridge- throw some ketchup and onions up on that and head up to my bedroom.

The fourth of July is great because if we had never broken away from the British, then African slavery would probably still be going on to this day. America is 236 years old- we have come such a long way.

America is a cool place. It’s the melting pot! I have respect for America. We are a pretty ‘new’ country. We can’t get it all right, it’s time people stop complaining and realize that right now. I do love America- for it is the only place I have ever been to. It has such freedom! I mean- people don’t realize just how much religions and political freedom they have in this country. Instead of being grateful they just complain and complain and…complain. Sit back and look at how much the government gives you daily.

I’m only thirteen. I don’t know everything about everything. But I do know that you should just relax right now and be grateful. Simple as that.


.April Marie


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