I think I’m suffering from a mild case of depression- I’m not joking. Between getting grounded every five seconds and finding out every guy I like has a girlfriend…idk. Go to Polyvore. Have you seen my sets lately? Not a lot of color. I am honeslty tired of all this summer crushing and annoying middle school girls with ugly braces, Hollister Co. jeans, and backstabbing. Happy?

One thing I can be happy about is pastel hair and WILDFOX COUTURE. What more to love? I love their pastel colors. I just want to buy everything off their website. Everything. Even their children’s line is adorable.

Also- I need to save up my money to buy some Jeffrey Campbells. That’s it. I must buy some before I graduate. Nothing super crazy (for my mother’s sake.), but some that are platform. Completely platform. Or some Dr. Martens to spice up my apparel.

Since I always seem to get around to updating my relationship status which is always negative- I only like one guy. I know- crazy, right? I’m honestly content with that too. No guys ever like me. Bleh- but who gives a damn chicken nugget.

It also seems nearly all of my friends have gone crawling away from me…Please explain that to me. Oh dear God, I hate middle school. I just wish it would fall in a pit.

Why do I wish so much? Why won’t I just go out and make things happen? Why do I ask so many questions? I should just go get a blog…

Oh yeah.

I have one already.

So to conclude this time of me mindlessly blabbing to the world wide web about all my middle school problems-

I’m going to make a difference.


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