It’s raining peppermints.


It’s me. Yes, April. I know, I know- it’s been forever (about a month) since I last updated but I’ve been unnecessarily grounded. I’m sure you were in that state at one time or another. Let’s see…what have I been up ta?

I got a kitty. Yeah- it’s a boy. His name is Gucci and he is the most precious thing that has ever happened to my life. He’s just so cute. I love em.

It’s been cold here in Tennessee lately. Rained all day yesterday. It’s been making me sleepy all the time.

I realized this summer so much. First of all that I don’t even care anymore. People can be so rotten. Especially thirteen year old girls- who knew they could be so horrid? But now I know so…That may change alot of things. The second thing is that cutting my hair was one of the biggest mistakes I have ever made, but yet again- I could care less. This new school year is devoted to me.



I know, it’s selfish. But I need to focus 0n what I wanna do when I get outta this place. Next year everything I do will count. That means I need to start figuring out my life. Not getting caught up on Justin Bieber’s newest singles (even though they are good!). I just need to…idk even know yet.

I’ve been sewing plenty. I knew you’d be proud! While I’m on the subject, there will be tons of DIY coming your way this fall. I’m telling you, kid, you don’t wanna miss this. I’m changing up the whole look of Thou Shalt Thirft. It’s going to be brand new, baby!

Just get ready. You may never know.


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