I prefer drawing to talking. Drawing is faster and leaves less room for lies.

I love green inspiration


lovisa burfitt – www.lovisaburfitt.com/

There are people who do not need words to communicate. They speak a different language. Made of black ink or pantone. Pencil or watercolor. This depends on the artist. The blank sheet of paper becomes a stage for countless scenarios. If you say Fashion and Illustration you mean all of their world. Glamorous, trendy with a retro taste…Set in a Paris in the thirties’… a feminine woman with heels 12 … with a feather on her head and a bow at the ankle … lost without a Chanel lipstick … alone without her puppy and her suitcase … destination: Paris, New York, Tokyo or Milan?!?…it doesn’t matter … because sometimes it’s important to leave, it just doesn’t care to where.

Ci sono persone che non hanno bisogno di parole per comunicare. Loro parlano un’altra lingua. Fatta di china nera o pantone. Di matita o inchiostro. Questo dipende…

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