I have now realized just how much this “world” really does suck. It’s like no one cares. Over the past few weeks I have been working on a very special art project.

This girl, Brooklyn has been born into a crazy world.


I must say that Brooklyn (like myself) has been sorounded by wars, hate, and worry. But not only that. I believe what makes it the worst is that she covers her eyes (like many of us do) and tries to block out the horrible things that still go on. All she cares about is boys,  friends, fashion, facebook, etc. and she just ignores the fact that multiple people starve to death every single day but she still complains about where she goes out to eat. In a world where slavery and racial tension are still in existence, she laughs with her friends uses the “N word” without a care. Is it Brookyln’s fault? Not all of it. She was born into a world where you are taught from childhood- ‘Every man for himself”. Does anyone else see what is going on? We are so caught up in the lives of stupid “celebrites” to even notice that a woman just down the street is struggling to care for her children.  I think that we are all like Brooklyn in some ways. It’s really hard not to just be selfish and only care about ourselves. In the painting you can see that Brooklyn has her french tips, and pink lips, pretty hair, but all around her are thorns of hate and helplessness.

So today could you just care? Please. Look out for people in need. Don’t be ignorant. This is going on. It’s up to you to decide if you’re just going to let it go on, or put a stop to it.

How are you going to change your world, today?





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