Middle $chool

Middle school. Where do I even begin? It was simply three years- but it had a big impact.
I remember talking with an old friend summer of 10′ about starting middle school in the fall. Her name was Kristen and we were pretty good friends. We had some basic plans for middle school.
1). Try out for the cheer team (Kristen)
2). Become popular
3). Get boobs
4). Get boyfriends

Only number 2 and 3 have happened so far, but with the month or two left we are still optimistic. I wasn’t ever super nervous about starting middle school, I just kinda went for it. May I first state that I am homeschooled, so yes, some aspects about middle school weren’t as hard for me- but then again there are some universal changes about middle school. I had friends, but I wasn’t afraid to chat with eigth graders (which was a unstated rule I was not supposed to break). I must say, I was one awkward social butterfly! Looking back, i must say I was pretty mature for my age though. I had a best friend Tiffany who i am still super close too. I have to give her a lot of creds for putting up with me. I knew how to conduct myself and such. Sixth grade was simply a year that I had alot of awkward crushes and made a few great friends with upperclassman.

Seventh grade was a very defining year. I like to refer to it as the rebel year (mostly just summer of 12′). I made a lot of decisions about who I am and how I want to live my life. It went by fairly quickly. Seventh grade was when I finally began to become kinda popular. I became best friends in the world with my main squeezes Marielle, Sarah, and crazy Addison. Scratch that- ALL my friends are straight crazy! of course I kept the old friends too; like my best friend Emily I’ve known since kindergarten. Seventh grade I really began focusing more on my passion for fashion design and my future, less on pointless drama arising in my group of friends. I really began to take my fashion design seriously by doing alot more sewing and designing on a daily basis. Not to mention more rachet hair.

Okay, so eighth grade. Oh lord. That just flew by, I don’t even know what I was all nervous about. I was a much better me than by the day. I really began to take better overall care of who I am. And guess what? Boys still hate me. Minus one guy, my
fashionable best friend Tyler.
God, that kid is muh world, y’all. Okay so let me explain. I love when guys dress nice- like LOVE when guys take some time to put together a decent outfit and groom themselves. That’s what Tyler is all about. We look up clothing brands for each other all the time. I’ll text him something like “Hey, you should check out Top Man, they have really nice stuff.” and he’ll text me back later telling me about all the stuff he found. We are basically the same person, just one of us is a female, and one is a male. No biggy. But we have it all planned out, I’m dragging him along to NYC for college and we are going to share an apartment and be absolutely fabulous! I made a lot of friends this year. It’s wasn’t too bad, but there was a bit of drama amongst the friends (I like to stay outta that mess).

So middle school, here I am now; looking back- I wouldn’t really change a thing. For one reason, I’ve learned so much about who I am, how I view, and why I view. I’m optimistic about high school, not too nervous quite yet (considering I’ll be home schooled). I’m just watching out for muh main girls, making sure no one messes with them.

Watch out high school, here I come.

And I figured for the heck of it, I’d post some of the most horrid photos ever taken of me.

This is muh’ six grade bff Jack, it’s been awhile since I’ve seen him.

I’d love to explain my sister and I- our relationship. But honestly I can’t. If you have a sister that one moment give you the best advice the  next you literally want to ring her neck…you understand.

This is me thinking I can dance, oh heck. Why?

Sean and I…



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