George Clooney.

I love George Timothy Clooney because not only is he an amazing actor, screenwriter, director, and producer, pulling 75 wins and 122 nominations, he still has a lot more to him. For instants, he is a amazing human rights activist, he cares about everyone, even animals. He knows how to dress himself and looks dashing in a bowtie- yet he is so causal. He respects people and doesn’t apologize for who he is or what he believes. He carries his own bags unlike other actors, and is environmentally friendly. He rides motorcycles and has homes in LA, Italy, and Mexico. He loves his mother and grandmother and brings them on the red carpet often. He looked amazing as batman too. He has a mature yet fun spirit, and just seems to get sexier with age.

George Clooney by sweet ruby

How could you not just adore that face?



You’re welcome, Tristan.



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