Meet Marie

Hallo. My name is April Marie.

If there’s any thing of the blog you would like more info on, or you would like for me to make a tutorial or a set on Polyvore just email me. Wanna be featured?  For advertising just email me. If you would like to sponsor me I get about 10-20 view aday. And 400-500 view a month.

I’m not in college yet (but pretty soon…kinda.), but I am still super passionate about Fashion. 3/4 of the clothing articles in my closet are A). Hand me downs (I have two older sisters). B). I stole them I made them. C). I refashioned them. D). I thriftied them (Goodwill)So now you kinda understand me. I am 5 foot 3. I really like to dance though I’m no good. And my sewing machine is my unofficial boyfriend.

I do enjoy a good night on the square with my boyfriend sisters. Hanging out with them is like going on the set of Jersey Shores…You don’t want to.

Everything I do is about having fun and saving money. My average everyday total of my outfit is five bucks solid. It has taken a few years to get my wardrobe how it is now, but I do have alot of clothes. I don’t believe in spending even ten dollars on a camisole.. One thing I’m not is cheap. I do indulge every once in a while. I shop smart, I ask myself the five inalize questions of Shopping.

Is it in my budget?
Is it appropriate?(not too short, tight, inappropriate  words, etc.)
Do I have shoes to wear with it?
Can I wear this in an everyday outfit?
Will the size I get also fit my sisters? (optional)

Three or more of the FIQ have to be a yes for me to purchase the item.




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