My journal

Lately I have been doing alot of journaling and meditating on my future and art so I brought a little maybe 6’x8′ sketch book. I carry it with me whenever I can and it has really helped be sort out my thoughts and ambitions from the other junk in my life. I have shared just a few of the pages I’ve created, most of them are a bit more personal or simply spur of the moment thoughts that might seem a bit radical looking back on them. I like having it because it’s much different from my diary, my diary is my day to day activities recorded, and things I wanna say to your parents, or crushes, etc. My Journal is ideas, quick thinking, and a whole bundle of emotions. It’s like my paradise where I can just let it all out and write whatever I want whenever I want. I’ll just write little random things, ideas and ambitions for the future, doodles during boring events, etc. I’ll try to share monthly a few of my entries, or whatever.

Awhile back I wrote pages about what high school is going to look like, and a few of the good and the bad have already come true. But it was just great to get all my anxiety about the future out. It has made me a bit less nervous about the near and far future. 

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that’s all, bye.