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Pretty Girl Rock | Trending hairstyle for natural hairThe Part Shaved Box Braids-- I think these box braids are my next protective style! I so want them this long. Beauty Style Stalking: 30 Looks To Copy Now #refinery29want dying to have my extensions back in// Let em know @trucksandpearls!

So as you can obviously see (if you follow me on Pinterest @April Marie), I have been pinning a lot of natural hair styles. I recently got my hair cut in January. (Photo below.) It was a tapered cut, and i trimmed the top. I was so nervous when i was getting it done, it was my first haircut. At first I wasn’t really a fan; but it grew on me fast., I also like it because it wasn’t as high maintenance as my hair had been.


Now I have extensions in, and an undercut. I had my dad cut it the first time at the beginning of February (it feels like just yesterday!), and he cut it again last week, since its been growing on the sides pretty fast. I am so in love with this style. It’s been easy to maintain, and I like that I can switch sides to have the under shave show, plus i can wear really cute earrings. (Photo below)


After i take my extensions out in a week or two I would really like to put some color in. My sister has a short tapered cut and has a redish-purple tint to her’s. It’s so pretty. When I had my tapered cut I would put on my foundation and then rub whatever was left on my hand, onto the crown of my hair, it was so groovy, it was subtle too, just a light brown. Honestly, hair color kind of scares me. I’ve tried it twice before but of course my super dark hair wouldn’t allow it. I’m also nervous because my hair is natural and i really don’t want to do too much damage to it. I really like a cotton candy blue or pink most, or maybe a dark blue. I would like to cut my hair really short, like it is on the sides, but on all of my hair. But i do want to be able to put extensions in during the summer, so…

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